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As an accomplished author, experienced entrepreneur and international citizen, Barbara Heil-Sonneck stands out as a beacon of inspiration for many. Her books highlight her versatility as a writer, spanning the realms of real estate, empowerment, and the immigrant experience alike.


Barbara’s works are more than just books; they are movements themselves, advocating for empowerment, knowledge, and the indomitable spirit of enterprising women everywhere.  As a sought-after speaker, she often leverages themes from her books, delivering her message in intimate invited salons, and on stages for large audiences.

For speaking inquiries, collaborations, guidance or just to share your thoughts on the latest book,

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Barbara Heil-Sonneck's expertise and insights extend beyond the written word and the stage to online arenas. Her appearances on various podcasts have not only showcased her ability to engage and inspire listeners, but have also revealed her depth of knowledge. With multiple entry points of experience and interest and a wide variety of interview topics, Barbara makes an excellent guest, perfect for podcast genres focusing on: entrepreneur success, real estate investing, wealth building, immigrant experience, the comedic side of getting ahead in life, and more.

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For inquiries, collaborations and bookings on a podcast, please connect and book at “calendly link”

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